We provide a broad range of IT support and services to the Midwest hospitality marketplace, from properties with as few as 100 guestrooms to over a thousand. Our IT consulting specialties for the hospitality industry include:

  • Research & Recommendations
    Save time by outsourcing research efforts and allowing our experienced technical team to make informed recommendations on the best available solutions to meet your needs.
  • Pre-Opening IT Support
    Ensure a successful opening by recruiting expert-level IT support leading up to your first fully operational days.
  • IT Systems Budget Development
    Allow us to structure a feasible and realistic IT systems budget with the goal of maximizing your ROI.
  • Vendor Selection
    Let us make honest, data-driven suggestions for industry-leading solutions tailored specifically to support the needs of hotels.
  • IT Procurement
    We can handle IT procurement so you can focus on overseeing your hotel’s operations and strategic objectives. Standardize on specific makes and models of computer equipment to gain the efficiency and stability you deserve.
  • Contract Review & Negotiation
    Let us help you secure the best possible deal by thoroughly perusing the fine print and negotiating the offer that mutually benefits all parties.
  • Systems & Application Training Services
    Make sure your teams are well-versed on your systems and applications to proactively avoid setbacks or delays.
  • Development of Conceptual Design
    We can lend our consulting services to develop a conceptual design that won’t just support your needs, but is actually built with them in mind.
  • Project Management
    Don’t use up your personnel resources by designating an employee as a project manager; instead, allow us to successfully oversee the entire scope of your IT project.
  • Coordination with Third-Party Vendors
    Stay focused on your business while we communicate with third-party technology vendors on your behalf.
  • Opening Onsite Technical Support
    Receive in-person technical support as needed to ensure a seamless, successful implementation of IT solutions.